Boots guide to nappies

As your baby grows their nappy needs will start to change. Read our guide to nappies to help you find the right type for your little one.


Finding the right type of nappy will make life much easier. Bigger packs often give better value, but make sure it's a brand that suits you and your baby before making the investment.


(Baby and toddler nappies go from sizes 3 – size 5; Nappy pants go from size 3 – size 6.)

Newborn's Nappy

You'll be changing your newborn's nappy around 10 to 12 times a day, so it's important to find the right brand for you.

Ideal for:

Baby's first nappy.

Things to consider:

Newborn nappies are designed for your baby's delicate skin. Look for wetness indicators that change color to let you know when your baby needs changing.


Ideal for:

Active toddlers exploring their world.

Things to consider:

Older babies need their nappy changing five to eight times a day on average, although this varies. Once your little one is up on two feet, they need a nappy designed for a lively lifestyle. Elasticated legs and super-absorbency can make life easier and more comfortable.

Nappy Pants

Ideal for:

Bigger boys and girls training to use the potty.

Things to consider:

Nappy pants are a great halfway between traditional nappies and real pants. Let your little ones take more control of their toilet training.

Don't forget wipes!

You'll need wipes close at hand wherever you change your baby. We've a wide range to choose from, including sensitive and fragrance-free options.