How to get your feet prepped for summer

Top tips for transforming your feet

From buffing and filing to moisturising and fake tan, here are our top footcare tips for beautiful feet just in time for summer.

Buff away

The first step is to smooth any hard, dry bits of skin that can build up over the winter months by using a hard skin remover before your bath or shower. Doing it before means you can feel what needs to be removed and not buff too hard – when the skin is wet it’s easy to get carried away! Try an electronic pedicure file, which works wonders on winter feet, or a manual foot exfoliator such as a pumic stone. If you aim to buff your feet twice a month to help prevent the hard skin building up, you won’t have to panic come next summer. Make sure to moisturise afterwards, too.

Exfoliate & refine

Gently massage a foot scrub all over your feet to remove any dead skin cells and smooth any rough edges – this can also help to give your feet a gorgeous glow. Use it at least once a week to help keep dry skin and flakes at bay, as well as giving you the chance to give your feet a lovely relaxing massage.

Nail it

Invest in a sharp nail clipper to keep nails short and tidy. When cutting the big toenail, make several small cuts rather than one big one so you don’t cut it too short and cause a nasty in-growing toenail. Then, use a gentle nail file to soften the edges slightly and buff out any ridges or uneven surfaces. Use a cutical remover to soften the dead skin and gently wipe away with a cuticle tool or use your thumb inside a towel. If you have any unwanted toe hair, you could use some hair removal cream or wax strips cut into small pieces.

Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise!

The regular use of a nourishing foot cream will make a huge difference to the appearance of your feet, especially if you use it all year round. In summer, your feet dry out really quickly so it’s best to use a specific foot cream to avoid cracked heels. If you really need your feet to soak up that moisture, after you’ve applied cream try sleeping in your socks!

Go gold

If you feel a little exposed with your feet out and feel like they need a little glow, try a gradual tanning product. When applying self-tan, make sure to pay attention to exfoliation in areas such as the tops of the toes, around the anklebones, the heel and the sides. Make sure to thoroughly massage in, especially between the toes. If you need some more tips in on self tanning, we’ve got you covered.

Colour tips

Toenails are magically transformed with a coat or two of nail polish. Pre-sun, when your feet are at their fairest, cooler colours of polish like pink, lilac, purple, fuchsia, silver, holographic and glitter will all bring a glow to the toes. Once there’s a bit of colour on the skin, go for a warm choice such as orange, peach, coral and gold which always work fantastically. For added fun, get creative and use glitter, embellishments, stickers and flowers. Try matching your toes to your favourite sandals or use a contrasting colour to draw attention to a favourite pair of open toed heels.

Defence is the best offence

Once you’ve got your feet the way you want them, keep them feeling fresh all year long with these top tips:

• Try using a foot cream every day to keep them moisturised

• If your feet are feeling moisturised but your heels are getting a bit cracked, try a heel palm

• Apply cuticle oil whenever you remember to keep them soft and add extra shine to the nail

• Use a foot exfoliator and hard skin remover regularly to avoid dry, cracked heels

Try putting these tips to use and your feet will be ready to throw on sandals or heels come rain or shine!