How to make a spa in a jar

Learn how to make the perfect pampering gift

Sometimes there’s just nothing better than taking time to relax, especially when you’re caught up in the whirlwind of everyday life. But we know in today’s world it’s hard to switch off, and even harder to do so guilt-free. 

Wouldn’t it be lovely to treat someone you love to a bit of me time? 

With a spa in a jar, you can give someone the gift of relaxation – the chance to unwind for a moment. It doesn’t have to cost a lot and handpicking the perfect parts with thought and care could make it invaluable.  

Here are our steps, plus some top tips and ideas, for making your very own spa in a jar gift.     

Choose your jar

This will depend entirely on how many little gifts you want to include. A standard jam or mason jar is ideal for just a couple of bits, whereas something larger like a bell jar is better if you’ve got some bigger products. It’s a good idea to choose one with a wide mouth so it’s easier to fill, and of course, make sure it’s made of glass so you can show off what’s inside. 


Now it’s time to let your creative side shine! There are plenty of ways to decorate your jar, from ribbons to bells to glitter. If you’re feeling particularly arty, you could even use some paint. Why not try dipping the bottom of the jar in two different colors? 

Fill with pampering products

When your jar is nicely decorated you can start to fill it with goodies. This is where you can really personalize your gift and tailor it to suit your loved one.

If you’ve got extra room in your jar, try filling it with tea lights and chocolate for an added festive feel.

Top tip: If you’ve got gaps between products and nothing else can really fit, why not add some more decorations, like wooden stars or colorful beads?

Label with love

Finish off your jar by attaching a label with your message. You can find a range of printable labels online if you don’t fancy making your own.