What is K-Beauty?

Say hello to fresh & flawless skin


From lilac grey hair to contouring every inch of your face, beauty trends come and go in a flash. But one trend that’s here to stay is K-Beauty skincare, and we’re here to give you the low-down on getting super hydrated skin.

K what now?

K-Beauty is short for Korean beauty and involves simple skincare steps to help you achieve youthful and dewy looking skin that wows with or without make-up. Here in the UK we focus more on enhancing our looks with the power of make-up, but Korean beauty is all about creating a beautiful canvas to begin with. 
There are 10 steps to a K-Beauty routine, which may seem a little excessive, compared to the regular make-up wipes, toner and moisturiser which we all know and love! But trust us when we say, this routine is the go-to one for helping your skin to look more and more gorgeous over time…

Double cleanse

That first cleanse could simply be moving make-up and debris around your face. Yuck! So use an oil based cleanser to help remove the day's impurities, and then follow up with a water based cleanser to actually clean your skin and leave it feeling super soft and nourished.

When? At night – in the morning simply wash your face with water instead.


Did you know that exfoliating regularly could help your skincare products absorb better? Exfoliators usually contain ingredients such as sand or sugar to help lift stubborn impurities from the skin's surface, so add one to your K-Beauty routine and get ready to shine for all the right reasons. We recommend exfoliating up to two times a week, as using one daily could irritate your skin. Make sure not to scrub too hard when exfoliating though, as this can cause broken veins to appear – gently does it.

When? At night.


You may already have this in your skincare cabinet, but do you know the beauty power it possesses? Toner helps to remove any leftover residue from cleansing (sometimes we can’t cleanse it all away) and also helps to balance moisture and pH levels. Your skin is like a sponge, so when it’s damp it’s more likely to absorb your skincare products.

When? Morning and night.


Skincare essence is a hit in Korea, so it’s time to add it to your K-Beauty routine. Essence is a hybrid of a toner and serum, meaning it can help to provide an extra layer of defence against things such as office air con, harsh weather and other skincare sins. Simply sprinkle on your hands and gently pat onto your face and neck. 

When? Morning and night.


Serums are great for targeting specific skincare concerns, such as ageing and hyperpigmentation, so feel free to play around and find the one which works for you. You can either apply all over your face, or gently dab on those areas you need to give a little extra love.

When? Morning and night.

Sheet mask

Nothing says Korean beauty quite like a sheet face mask, and they’re packed with vitamins and skin loving ingredients to help infuse your skin with extra essence. They’re also great for enjoying a little me-time, so make sure you put 10 minutes aside to add this to your routine – you won’t regret it!

When? At night.

Eye cream

The skin around your eyes is thinner and much more delicate than any other area on your face, so finding the right eye cream is important. They’re great for helping disguise dark circles and helping to minimise the appearance of fine lines. Once your skin has absorbed the sheet mask goodness, gently dab the eye cream around your eye area.

When? Morning and night.

Moisturiser with SPF

K-Beauty splits moisturising and SPF into two steps, but why not combine the two from our great range of moisturisers with added sun protection? Don’t just save this for sunny days and even hotter trips away, as the sun can still be harmful even on cloudier days, and this is a great way of helping to protect your skin from harmful UVA rays and ward off fine lines and wrinkles. Don’t supplement a moisturiser with SPF in for the real deal though, in the summer you’ll still need the protection of sunscreen.

When? Use a regular moisturiser at night and one with SPF in the morning.

Whether you love to pamper your skin with all 10 K-Beauty steps, or simply want to try a few and find what works for you – give it a try and you won’t regret it, k?